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Rocky and Karren Chupa

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It is an ongoing story of their journey.

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On Assignment

Most of us have heard on the news, at one time or another, of a reporter that has been on the job in a foreign country or in a different location or city. They sign off their broadcast by saying, for example, “This is John Smith on assignment in Bagdad.” They left their normal location and were completing a task assigned to them by their news company.

Throughout our lifetime as a believer, we will be given assignments from the Lord. He commissions us to do something that will advance His kingdom in us and in those He has called around us. I think most of these assignments are designed to cause growth in us and our relationship with Him and others. They are kind of like a test. Sometimes it’s not so much the task he has asked of us, but how we approach and respond during that time. Our attitude, faith, prayers, obedience, patience, sacrifice, all play into His greater purpose. Our success or failure may not be as important as how we mature in the process.

I am reminded of Abraham. Gen 22:1-14. God asks Abraham to sacrifice His son - the son of promise. The first thing I noticed about this story is that Abraham had a relationship with God because he heard God speak to him. The second thing is that he was available. He said “Here I am.” The third thing I see is immediate obedience. The Lord gave him some direction and he set out on his assignment. In verse 5 we see his faith in action when he says that he would return with his son even though God had asked him to sacrifice Isaac. As the story goes on we see that Abraham’s faith and obedience brought about God’s provision, the sacrificial lamb. In this passage God reveals to Abraham who He is, The God who sees ahead and makes provision (Jehovah Jireh).

As believers we are given assignments to grow us up in the ways of the kingdom. The more we grow and mature, the more He can ask of us. What is the Lord asking of you? Will you obey? Trust? Sacrifice?

I pray you will grow in the understanding of His purposes and placement for your life. May you hear, obey and step out in faith for what He has called you to do.

This is Rocky Chupa on assignment in Guatemala.

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