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Compelling Love Ministries is a Canadian registered charity that exists to follow Christ's example in word and deed by extending a helping hand, providing opportunities for the less fortunate, ​and teaching Bible-based principles for life and success.


Compelling Love Ministries works in rural northern Guatemala.  Home base is just outside of Chisec, Alta Verapaz.

Guatemala experienced one of the world's longest civil conflicts - 36 years.  The war left a deep scar in society, in which violence was normalised, and law and order collapsed. 

The population of Guatemala is about 14 million people, more than half of which are indigenous, including 23 separate ethno-linguistic groups, 21 of which are Mayan in origin.

Over 65% of the population live in poverty; 30% live in extreme poverty – families unable to obtain the minimum daily caloric intake of food and earn less than $1 a day.  Between 75% and 90% of all rural residents fall below the poverty line. They call Quiche and Alta Verapaz the “poverty belt” because they are two of the poorest departments in the country. As a result, malnutrition among Guatemalan children is among the worst in the world.  

In Alta Verapaz school enrolment rate is just 20% and illiteracy reaches as high as 75% of the population.  On average indigenous women complete fewer than 2 years of primary school.  


Rocky and Karren Chupa are the Founding Directors of Compelling Love Ministries, a Canadian registered charity.  

They love the Lord and the work He has called them to in rural Northern Guatemala.  They count it an honour to serve the Lord and share life with the Guatemalan people.  It isn't always easy, but it is always good!  
Between the two of them, they have lead and/or hosted many teams and have been living in Guatemala full time since 2010.  

Rocky has a background in construction and small business and Karren’s background is in Christian education. 
Their four children are grown and they are blessed to be grandparents.  Their family is spread out between Guatemala, Kelowna, Squamish and Fort St John.

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