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Educational Sponsorship Program


Education is foundational to human development and has a clear multiplier effect with benefits in health, broad-based economic growth and poverty reduction.  UNESCO Educational Report  

Compelling Love Ministries' Educational Sponsorship Program partners Guatemalan children with North American sponsors to provide a quality educational experience.  When you give a child the opportunity to get an education, you impact their lives, not just for today, but long-term; you give them hope for the future.  And, when they receive a Christian education, that hope is founded in the Lord, and it doesn’t get better than that! 

The cost…$45CAD/month or $540CAD/year or $40USD/month or $480USD/year.  Your sponsorship pays for the registration fee, monthly tuition payment, 2 school uniforms, school shoes, a backpack and school supplies.  We also provide ongoing home support and liaison between the school and home.

Restoration House 


Restoration House is a clinic licensed by the Ministry of Health to serve malnourished babies and their moms.  In addition, we provide healthcare for pregnant women, including prenatal vitamins, physical exams, ultrasounds, etc. 

It is a privilege to serve both women and children in our area!  

Vision Trips


Vision Trips are 10-12 days that can change the way you live the rest of your life! 

Although every team is a little different, some common activities that most experience are:  work project; children’s ministry; church participation; home visitation; evening debriefs; market experience; sightseeing; and more! 

$55 USD/day/person covers all of your in-country costs, and your team determines what kind of project you’d like to take on (usually between $3,000 &$8,000 USD).

​If this sounds like something you are interested, send us an email or a message on Facebook. 

​Come and experience being the hands and feet of Christ in another culture and allow the Lord to radically impact your life.

Pastoral Fellowship Group

The Pastoral Fellowship Group meets monthly to provide support for local churches and national pastors. 
This fellowship group began meeting 6 years ago with a two fold purpose: hearing God's Word for Chisec and knowing those with whom they are co-labouring in the work of the Lord.  Pastors take turns sharing what they are learning in their journey with the Lord.  We also provide Bibles and study materials to help them with their work.  
Time is spent in worship, in the Word, and in prayer.  At the end of each meeting, the pastors share a meal together.  
It is encouraging to see friendships form across denominations and a sense of unity develop.  They are indeed getting to “know those who labour among them.”

Vocational Training Center


Compelling Love Ministries has a 3 bay Vocational Training Center, where local young people can learn a trade.  We will have programs in woodworking, welding and small engine mechanics.  It will be exciting to see how the Lord uses this facet of the ministry to share the Gospel and bless the people. 

Community Development Projects

When Compelling Love Ministries hosts a team, they take on a community development project.  These building projects include homes, schools, churches and water wells.  

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