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You’ve heard the term “aging gracefully,” right?  I’ve been thinking a lot about aging lately.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not old, nor do I feel old (well, maybe sometimes).  At 61, I do have a few aches and pains I didn’t have in my 50’s.  But generally, praise the Lord, I am in good health. 

I have been doing some reflecting, although, on how I am aging – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  It seems as though the older I get the more I know that I don’t know.  Some of you will be nodding your heads in agreement – hahaha…you are my people!  

Oswald Chambers wrote, “Am I getting nobler, better, more helpful, more humble, a I get older?  Am I exhibiting the life that men take knowledge of as having been with Jesus, or am I getting more self-assertive, more deliberately determined to have my own way?  It is a great thing to tell yourself the truth. 

I really love this statement.  Because, the truth is, it could go either way.  But, I know what I desire. As a follower of Christ, I want to age gracefully – full of grace extended to both myself and to those around me.  I want the fragrance I leave behind when I walk through a room to be something pleasant, gentle, kind; not harsh like a cheap perfume.  I want to treat others the way I want to be treated – the old golden rule – but birthed from my heart.    

Every day in this life and work the Lord has seen fit to set before me, I am presented with opportunities to be grace filled.   Chances not to judge, but to love, help and instruct.  Opportunities to point others to Christ, not by hitting them over the head with a Bible, but by loving them right where they are. 

Just this morning, I learned of an incident between two of our sponsor families that I need to deal with.  I went by the home of 1 of the parties involved but she wasn’t there.  I was a little frustrated that I made a trip to town and she wasn’t there for me to talk to her.  But, in hindsight, I have a better perspective.  I am so thankful that the Lord provided me with a little extra time to pray and think and allow His grace to flow into the situation.  I can now respond better and prayerfully love both parties without judgement, just as the Lord loves me. 

This, I am learning, is one of the gifts of aging.  Media constantly shouts at us to turn back the clock and reverse aging.  No thanks.  I am embracing this time of softening (no pun intended).  It’s so good for me and for those I share my life with. 

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