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Rocky and Karren Chupa

welcome you to their blog.


It is an ongoing story of their journey.

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Ready, set, go!

2024 has started out with a bang!

On January 6th, the team from McCall, Idaho arrived to work in La Bendicion. They worked on a school, hosted a medical clinic and did 3 days of VBS with the kids in the village! They also helped us hand out uniforms, shoes and backpacks to our 140 sponsor kids.

Right on their heals was a team from our home church - Motion Church - in Kamloops, BC. They had some challenges on their travel days, but once they arrived, they were fully engaged. The team hosted a "kick-off the year" event for the staff of Galilea Christian School, poured 2 cement floors for sponsor families, lead a 3 day soccer camp, shared the Word at three church services, lead a pastors' conference, and visited homes.

We dropped off the Motion Church team in the morning and picked up Jon, Megan, Jasper, Elsie, Pepper and Huxley Cowls that afternoon. They are here with us for 5 weeks, to see what living here is like and to determine if this is what they want for their family.

This past week, Bill and Nivea Strikland were here setting up our solar power system. We have been dreaming about going solar for a number of years, but never had the opportunity to do it until now. On Thursday, when they flipped the switch, it was a pretty amazing feeling!

Today, Rocky and Jon, along with some men from our church, El Calvario Internacional, worked on the third project funded by Motion Church. I am now planning in earnest for the arrival of Safe Motherhood the first week in March.

So far, 2024 has been pretty great! Thank you to all of you who support us financially and pray for us. We are so blessed to know we are doing this together with each one of you!

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