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Waiting in Emergency

Last night, as I was waiting in emergency at the health center in Chisec, I realized that I was changing. I know, hard to believe that at 61 I can still change and grow, but it's true - praise the Lord!

The emergency room was packed with people - mostly sick kids - crying and moaning and throwing up; not my most favourite environment. I was there with a sick malnourished 2 month old and his mama. Usually, at night in the emergency room, there is a doctor on duty, but tonight there was only 1 nurse who was clearly overwhelmed. He took us in right away because we were coming from our clinic, but he wasn't quite sure what to do. I shared with him that our nurses were thinking perhaps this little one had pneumonia because of his cough and the way he was struggling to breathe. After a phone consult with a pediatrician it was decided to do a nebulizer treatment, which seemed to help. The entire event took about 2 1/2 hours.

Normally, I would have become impatient and a little "fuerte" (strong in dealing with) the nurse. I already knew what needed to happen because our nurses had discussed it and talked to a doctor. I really just wanted the treatment administered so I could go home with the baby. But tonight everything was different. I felt so much empathy for the overloaded nurse and tried to encourage him. The mom and babe were clearly overwhelmed as well, and yet we were able to smile and laugh with one another even across multiple language barriers. We sat together and waited patiently, smiling at and encouraging the others who were also waiting.

I'm not going to say I enjoyed waiting...but I wasn't annoyed or frustrated. I was calm and at peace, and that spirit of peace descended in that emergency waiting room. And...I believe I know why it was so different.

About a month ago, after returning from our time in Canada, I realized that my mornings were often hectic and my normal routine was regularly interrupted. I usually get up at 6, make coffee, go out with the dogs for a walk and pray, come in and do my morning exercises, shower, and then study the Word while I have breakfast. But, often, I was sidetracked before getting a chance to talk to the Lord. The one part of my morning that never changed, although, was my shower time. So, I decided to listen to the Word while I showered, so my spirit would be full of truth before too much more happened in my day.

This has been one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I listen to about 3 chapters in the morning and it is changing me on the inside. I feel as though I am carrying around a fullness that I was lacking. And, I am seeing it play out in how I live and respond to life's happenings. The Word is alive and active!

I am so blessed!

PS - I got the idea from seeing Rocky listening to the Word in the mornings and I took my lead from him!

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